Acacia Homecare Franchise

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Spotlight on Franchisees:

Amy Stone, owner of Acacia Homecare South Bucks

Hi, we are husband and wife Jesse and Vicky Kondal. We are very proud to have joined the Acacia network and open up our office in High Wycombe. Our background has been far removed from care both working in different sectors. Our careers have been in the corporate world such as recruitment, IT business development and account management.

We both came to a point in our lives where we wanted to fulfil a greater need, to do something for ourselves and the wider community as well as to create a legacy for our 4 children. Going into care seemed the natural route to take, we would be making a difference in other people’s lives and promoting what care should look like.

Vicky’s father, required professional care support before he sadly passed away and Vicky saw first hand what it took to be a good carer. She saw the carers work tirelessly, without judgement and with empathy and compassion. We both understand and respect that providing care is not easy and we fully support them and their needs as well as the needs of the customers.

With our knowledge and the expertise in and our desire to make life that much better for individuals we want to build a care organisation that puts all our people at the forefront and build and manage a team that genuinely cares. We are ready to push those boundaries and be a voice for the people that don’t have a say.