Acacia Homecare Franchise

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Our Recruitment Process

Acacia Homecare adopts a thorough process to recruit franchise owners. Although this is thorough, it needn’t be complicated, in fact, we like to keep things simple, so below are the steps that we will follow to help you on your way to running your own Acacia Homecare franchise.

  • Get in touch with us, either by phone, email or contact form. If by email or form, we will call you to hold a short conversation to listen to your needs and answer your all-important questions about owning a homecare franchise opportunity with us.
  • If at this stage we both agree proceed to the next steps, we will send you and information pack that details the information you would require at this step.
  • We would then contact you at an agreed time to ensure that you have received the information pack and to answer any further questions that you may have about homecare or franchising.
  • Following this, should you wish to continue to the next steps, we will arrange a franchise meeting with you at an appropriate time and place to give you all the information you would need to make a sound business decision and to understand if the Acacia Homecare franchise is the right business for you.
  • Following this meeting, we will all take some time to understand all of the information, and decide whether we share the same vision and passion to deliver support and homecare to all of our customers.
  • If we all decide to proceed, we will invite you to take your interest in the Acacia Homecare franchise opportunity further.

During this process

The discussions and meetings aim to help our understanding of you and in turn, your understanding of how the Acacia Homecare model works. This will enable you to conduct your own market research and understand the results to assist your decision making process. We also advise that you talk to a number of our existing franchise owners and industry experts as reference points. We would be happy to assist you also with this process.

From the meetings and market research, you will also need to consider your financial position. We have excellent relationships with major high street banks whose franchise departments subsequently offer extremely competitive rates and financial support. We can support with these discussions by supplying and helping you with the relevant documentation to prepare for your meeting.

If you would like to learn more about the next steps to becoming an Acacia Homecare franchise owner please contact us now.


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